Yo-yo dieting syndromes that arise as a result of the weight loss program at random not only have an effect on the number of scales alone. The study said the yo-yo dieting can also be bad for health.

It was being said by nutritionists that this syndrome often experienced by those who love extreme diet, aka drastically cut food portions in order to get a slim body quickly.

“If people ever go on extreme diet repeatedly, they should be careful of eating because they may have unwittingly been stuck in this syndrome. The longer experience the yo-yo syndrome, the more difficult you lose weight,” said nutritionist graduated from University at Buffalo, State University of New York.

In addition to these effects, nutritionist Karen Ansel and Jessica Cording also explained to the Daily Mail that one of the other effects of yo-yo dieting syndrome that continues the constipation.

“Constipation arises due to slowing metabolism. When the food consumed suddenly become a little, your metabolism slows down and digest less efficiently. This condition can continue even when the diet is back to normal. This condition then leads to constipation,” said Ansel.

Bad breath is also one of the effects of yo-yo dieting syndrome. In undergoing careless diet, people generally tend to reduce drastically the food choices and portions, although their weight goes down, but in fact the body is forced to break up another fat to burn calories.

In addition, this process produces chemicals called ketones, which are then made into a bad mouth odor.

As said by one of the nutrition experts, the longer the yoyo syndrome, you also become more difficult to lose weight in the future. The reason is, as long as extreme dieting continues, there will be disturbances in hormones and body due to loss of muscle.

Whereas any gender and any age person, the muscle is needed by the body because it is closely linked to the metabolic rate, the nutritionist said.