Repair eating pattern, or diet program and exercise are sometimes considered less ‘powerful’ to lose weight. A study reveals that having friends who is thinner can at least help.

These findings respond to an earlier study that says a person’s chances of becoming obese increases if surrounded by fat people, whether friends or relatives.

Researchers conducted observations of more than 9,300 respondents aged 18-65 years. Each asked whether to weight down, keep or even increase.

Each respondent was also asked to name four people who most often spend time with them, be friends or relatives. Then they were asked to mention whether these four men are thinner, fatter or weighted equally with participants.

A year later, researchers conducted follow up by giving a similar question to the participants. As a result, those who want to lose weight on average have at least one close friend who is obese, and interact with fatter people.

“Interestingly, those who want to be thin even more, have many friends who are heavier. Because both are obese, they certainly are not so concerned with weight in their friendship, there is no stigma or discrimination,” according to the study reported by LiveScience.

However, when there are participants who are looking for thinner-bodied friends, their weight is likely to fall. Even the researchers revealed, adding thinner friends associated with a decrease in body mass index (BMI) of 0.08, equivalent to 1 pound for someone with a high of 6 feet.

Researchers also found that for every 100 social interactions with people who are thinner associated with weight reduction of 1 pound. Conversely, for every 100 interactions with people who are obese, there is an increase of as much as 1 pound of weight.

However this does not mean a person who wants to be success on diet had to leave my friends who are fatter. Researchers recognize the results of their study were limited because participants were asked to name their own weight and to give an assessment of the weight of their friends without coupled with the weight measurement certainty.

The researchers also do not know what are done by the participants with their social circle. It may be that these people are friends with those who are heavier or equal fat because they belong to a group of diet program, they concluded. Therefore, there is some x factors that cannot be inferred. Even so, it still that having skinny friends within the social circle, will unconsciously motivate the participants in a program of diet.