With a weight of 260 lbs and height 173 cm, Lorry Hansen (19) bored with the quite large perceived appearance. At the same time, she also felt the clothes begin to narrow, thus the determination to lose weight is even more rounded.

Searching for information on the weight loss, Lorry sought to strengthen its commitment. Sure enough, within about seven months later she had lost 70 lbs. Here’s her story, as written onlinedietreview.com on Friday (01/08/2016):

Starting to feel saturated with increasing body weight to break the 260 lbs makes me feel bored with appearance and super large body. When all the clothes began to narrow, and each time I bought a dress the size was increasing. Plus, I was embarrassed to see the photos myself. I finally made a commitment to myself to lose weight.

Actually, I have tried to lose weight since junior high, but in my travels, I have always failed and stopped midway due to lack of consistent and spirit. I’ve tried everything kind of diet and herbal medicine. At that time my appetite was still very high, furthermore, defeated by the will and determination.

At first I started to find some articles at onlinedietreview.com that tells the story of their success to lose weight. I capitalized the intention and spirit of the resumption, and finally in June 2014 I initiated steps to follow in their footsteps.

It was real easy. I started in a dorm room after waking up every morning to do gymnastics for 30 minutes, such as jumping in place as much as 200 times, 50 times push-ups, and 50 times sit-ups. Upon completion, of the course I had lunch with rice and side dishes as usual. My last dinner was at 6 pm. I usually eat oatmeal or fruits such as bananas, or sometimes bread.

There is no food that I avoid. For example, I still eat fried food. It’s just that the numbers are reduced and not every day, especially if it’s late. If I feel hungry, I just drink warm water and after that I sleep.

I am trying to eat twice and to give a rest to the body breaks by not exercising every Sunday. This is all done in order not to feel bored. Moreover, my body is given time to breathe.

My passion grew when the scales begin to move significantly towards the left. Plus a lot of people who said that I looked thin. I just saw the scales once a month in order to give the surprise impression for me.

When the semester break arrived, I tried to run the mayo diet program for 13 days. As a result, the diet may help you lose weight as much as 18 lbs. I did not feel complacent and keep exercising as usual. In addition to mayo diet and exercise, I’ve never tried other diets.

Finally in January 2015, my weight reached 190 lbs, and all the clothes that had been cramped now I can use them back freely. Friends were also surprised with my new self, especially when a reunion with old friends, they were amazed with me.

Now my weight is stable at these figures, by doing exercises 2 times a week and dinner up to 4 hours before bedtime. Moreover, I am being actively coupled with an active in campus activities that require a lot of energy and motion.

The key is the willingness, passion and consistency to transform ourselves and have a healthy body. Important thing is not too force ourselves by forcing the body to work beyond its capacity. Do not give up in the process and continue to fight until the end because I can guarantee that the result would be sweet.