heather-schiffHaving a height of 5.4 feet and weight of 190 pounds, Heather Schiff (21) was curious to find ways to lose weight. Finding information on the Internet, she found the purse-tale Online Diet Review and trying to apply them.

In approximately 5 months, her weight went down from originally 190 pounds to 143 pounds, losing about 47 pounds! Until now, she even admitted to still apply a healthy diet so that her weight does not rise again. Here’s the story of her diet, as written by OnlineDietReview on Wednesday (07/20/2016):

Initially I intend to try to change diet and physical activity for weight loss is due to seeing the article in Online Diet Review website. There are also the related articles that are popular in Instagram.

So, I began to think, could I be like them or it is just an imagination?

Since in the near future, I will also be having a graduation, so I intend to try it out so I could look different. With strong determination and supported by my mother, I then begin to live a healthy lifestyle program.

I replace my carb menu from original rice into sweet potato and cassava. I also avoid fried foods, as well as excessive sugar and salt. Consequently, my blood pressure was down continuously. Moreover, I outsmart by eating spinach and chicken livers.

Honestly, I do not have a specific time to exercise, so I outsmart also with emphasis on foot. Not to forget, I also augment drinking water.

When entering the month of December, I was taking a break from this program, but I keep my diet during this month and dawn, thank God there is no increase. After December, I go back on a diet again and now my weight stabilized at 143 pounds.

With this weight now, I’ve been able to buy smaller clothes, which formerly did not fit into me. I keep the weight to remain stable with the diet that I have been doing until now.