Having a slender body with ideal weight is the dream of everyone. Even so, experts warn to gain lean body, do not by not eating or skipping meals.

Charlene Johnson, diet and fitness experts from the United States, said skipping a meal will only increase the cortisol hormone, a hormone that causes stress on the body. Unfortunately, this hormone also causes the body to store fat in the abdomen and thigh.

“Every three hours passed without food, the body will release the hormone cortisol, which makes fat to accumulate in the abdomen. Therefore, eating every three hours, that’s a little better than eating only two or one in large quantities for one day, “said Johnson, quoted from the Women’s Health.

By eating a meal every three hours in small amounts, Johnson called the amount of the hormone cortisol in the body can be reduced. This is evidenced in a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

In the study, it is mentioned people who eat 6 times a day for 2 weeks had cortisol levels 17 percent lower than those who eat three meals a day, although the number of calories consumed no different. That is, eat more often with smaller portions is indeed proved to be more useful.

“Eat in small amounts but often also makes you less enthusiastic when viewed bucket of popcorn or extra-large french fries due to dining desires do not arise due to the limited amount of cortisol,” said the author of the Life You Deserve, and 30 Days to Turbocharged Habits.

Even so, Michele Lawrence, caregiver consultation section of OnlineDietReview.com, cautioned that the nutrients and nutrients that are eaten must be balanced. There is no point even if you eat less often, but consume unhealthy snacks.

“Usually people are snacking, but it’s the ‘grazing’ that is difficult to control the weight of the body. Because of frequent snacking, there is so no clear hungry or full regulation,” she said.

She advocated for changing eating patterns become more regular. The guidelines are to still eat 6 times a day, but with clear nutritional composition. Here are the explanations:

– Schedule clear meal, 6 times a day. The breakfast should be fulfilled by a morning tea, and then in the afternoon try to have a snack, and finally for dinner – get supper. Everything is interrupted between 2-4 hours (depending on your time slot), with 3 big meals, and 3 snacks.

– Snack is a fresh fruit, low-fat dairy products, sandwich with the vegetable contents.

– Frequently drinking water. Always have water on the desk or car

– Add a light exercise such as yoga or low impact exercise.