Raring to lose weight but don’t have the budget? Try the free diet plans that abound in the internet. Most of them are interactive. Submitting your body details and free initial assessment is a click away.

Warning: some websites claiming to offer free plans are not totally free. Some ask for personal information such as a name, age, email address, and body profiles like height and weight.

Some offer no-commitment free diet plan samples so they are worth looking into. But don’t be disappointed if after few web pages, you’ll be asked for your credit card information.

Many of the free diet plans do not adhere to a particular diet philosophy. Whether low-carb, high-protein or calorie-counter-type of diet plans, these free plans should simply help you lose weight.

A sample directory website claiming to offer links to various free diet plans are available at: http://www.quick-diets.com/free-diet-plans.aspx . However, as Online Diet Review found out, not all websites in the list are free.

Some of the websites proved by Online Diets Review to offer truly free diet plans are the following:

  1. Ladies Home Journal Online ( http://www.lhj.com/home/Free-Diet-Plans.html )
    Ladies Home Journal Online offers three free diet plans regardless of sex, age and body profile. The free diet plans include: The Farmer’s Market Diet, The Ban the Beige Diet and The American Dietetic Association (ADA) Diet.
  2. http://www.diet-i.com/free-diet-plan.htm offers a free 16-step diet plan.
  3. http://www.thecolumn.org offers two free diet plans http://www.thecolumn.org/free-diet-plans.asp . The Chet Day plan http://chetday.com/21day.html is good for 21 days. The second diet plan is an e-book: “ Changing Beliefs, Your First Step to Permanent Weight Loss”
    (http://www.onemorebite-weightloss.com/beliefs-book.html ) downloadable in PDF version that is sent to your email after you register for free.
  4. Free Three-Day Diet Plan http://www.moreforyourhealth.com/free-diet-plan.html
  5. http://www.diet-n-dieting.com/ offers five free safe diet plans with calorie count.
  6. Diet Bites ( http://www.dietbites.com/02planner.html ) offers a selection of free diet menus arranged as planners. Each planner contains set menus developed for healthy eating habits. Also includes a calorie counter and index.
  7. Check out a directory of websites in the UK offering free diet plans.
    ( http://www.searchsaint.co.uk/ ) Some websites are sponsored by advocates of certain diet plans such as companies selling products.
  8. http://dmoz.org/Health/Nutrition/Resources/
    Here’s another directory of links to websites offering diet plans, some for free. Some websites also offer free diet diaries or recipes.
  9. This article in “The Pharmaceutical Journal” http://www.pjonline.com/pdf/articles/pj_20030104_diets.pdf guides online readers to carefully select websites in their search for a diet plan suited to their needs. The article “ Diets on the internet: a slimmer s dream or nightmare? ” recommends a few websites.
  10. This website ( http://www.changingshape.com/dietandnutrition/mealplans/plans/1343.asp ) offers free diet plans based on the number of calories. Membership available for personalized services.
  11. Weight Loss Diet
    Information ( http://www.weight-loss-diet-i.com/free-diet-plan.htm ) offers a free 7-day l ow-fat, high-(complex) carbohydrates and nutritious diet plan which should be combined with exercise to get the desired results. Recipes also available, and other tips and information about different types of diets.
  12. Bally Fitness ( http://www.ballyfitness.com/rapid_results/weight_management/rr_mealplan/ ) offers weight loss meal plans grouped according to calorie levels. Comes in 1200, 1500 and 1800 calorie plans. With fitness assessment and personalized online advice.
  13. http://www.stress-free-weight-loss.com/free-diet-plans.html offers a directory of free online diets from major health associations like the American Institute for Cancer Research, Mayo Clinic, The American Heart Association, and private websites promoting particular diet plans. Links to the associations’ and personal websites provided.